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Oct 26

Hi, I am curious to know what your thoughts are on the completeness of Quran? Someone mentioned to me once that Quran is complete in all its entirety. Thats Quran contains exactly what was revealed to
Jul 15

About You 1.Looking for females who identify as LGBTQ2+ 2.You are age roughly 30 - 40 yrs of age of any ethnicity. A short pixie haircut a bonus! 3.You must be NON UNION (not a part of ACTRA)! 4.P
Apr 11, 2018

Hi, As we know, there are dropped sets, that make it possible to have 5 dropped and 5 crafted though i have never actually used one since i always just craft and get jewelry from Dolmens.But now that
Oct 22

HI, Ministries working in Muslim countries need to be familiar with the Quran. We at MAF-Learning Technologies have created a Bible Study Tool and incorporated into it the Qurans of various languages
Jun 3

Hi there! I am a casting associate at Groundglass Casting and right now we are working on a project for Mercedes that is looking to feature members of the LGBTQA2S+ community in the Greater Toronto Ar
Sep 24

Hello, I had a plug-in trial version of Antares Auto-tune installed in cubase it ran out and I have a full version but its not the Antarese. I believe i installed it and such but i can't get antares
APAA volunteercoordinator
Nov 26, 2018