Jun 7, 2018

Add Quran to TheWord?

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Ministries working in Muslim countries need to be familiar with the Quran. We at MAF-Learning Technologies have created a Bible Study Tool and incorporated into it the Qurans of various languages as well as a very powerful tool called Bible Quran Compare that lists Bible Verses and Quran verses about many topics.

We would like to migrate our tools into TheWord so that they are more accessible and flexible. How would I go about doing this conceptually? The Bible Quran Compare tool would be a book of topics that contain hyperlinks to the active (or KJV) Bible module as well as to a certain Quran module.

My biggest question is how to import an Quran? It contains chapters (Books) and verses. I would need to be able to link from the Bible Quran Compare Book to the Quran module at the verse level. This could be to a popup.

Ideally I would like to have 2 Bible views and a book view open with the Bible and a Quran in the Bible views and the Compare tool in the Book view. Clicking on links in the Compare tool would update the views accordingly.


Any help will be apprecited.


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