Core Team Organizers
Rahim Thawer (pronouns he/him) identifies as queer South Asian/Indo-African Muslim. He is a registered social worker who works as a mental health counsellor in queer and trans communities. He is often re-defining what being Muslim in a North American context means to him while also longing for connection and sharing space with other queer Muslims. He is also interested in hearing about perceptions of Ismailis from other Muslims...for fun.
Sarah Shah (pronouns she/her) identifies as a queer Pakistani American Muslim. She is pursuing a PhD in Sociology (religion, gender, and health) at the University of Toronto. She is a community organizer and facilitator for Salaam’s support group and a board member at the Toronto Unity Mosque. She is interested in social justice, eco-feminism, and anti-oppression, and tries to live by it, specifically regarding intersectionality. Her social justice activism is how she practices her religion.
Lali Mohamed (pronouns he/him) is a Somali writer and public speaker who is interested in the power and poetics of community-based knowledge. He has been leading community and organizational development initiatives for over a decade, working with international foundations, national human rights charities and local universities in developing innovative programming and building strategic partnerships. As an award-winning organizer and consultant, Lali has presented at over 100 conferences in four countries troubling questions of race, sexuality and religion.
Yaseen Ali (pronouns he/him) identifies as queer and of South Asian/East African heritage. Working in post-secondary education, he is particularly fascinated by communities of learning and knowledge-making, especially ones that are not always visible. He appreciates Salaam for being one such group wherein queer Muslims can share their intricate narratives of adversity and perseverance. He also loves talking about film and is keen on hearing about what you've seen lately.