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Sydney Queer Muslims

Sydney Queer Muslims is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing social support, education and resources to individuals and families in NSW.

Marhaba (Melbourne)

Marhaba is LGBTIQ Muslims, (founded by Imam Nur Warsame)  is a Muslim LGBTQIA+ social support group with regular meetings, referrals to support services and a safe space where spirituality and sexuality can be reconciled.

Melbourne Muslim Collective

Muslim Collective is a dynamic Australian faith-based community for progressive thought and social action. We are a diverse and inclusive group that supports and encourages dialogue about the real issues of our time.


Boys of Bangladesh

Boys of Bangladesh, formerly known as Boys Only Bangladesh, is the oldest running and the largest network of self-identified Bangladeshi gay men living in the country and abroad. 



Merhaba works to unite and empower the LGBT+ community with a migrant background. 



El-Tawhid Juma Circle

A compassionate focused and inclusive Islamic mosque space that is affirming, gender-equal, and a place of healing and learning.


Ismaili Queers

Ismaili Queers (IQ) is a global network of LGBTQ+ individuals. Contact

Um LGBTQ Muslims and Allies  

An inclusive Muslim community organization in Canada, supported by the Universalist Muslims.


Queer Muslim Community Circle at The 519

Organized by The 519 New to Canada program. This is an LGBTQ2S-affirming space. Anyone who associates with Muslim culture is welcome to join, regardless of their practice or belief system.


Beijing LGBT Center

Provides services to queer and trans people that are Muslim-affirming.



Advocacy and support for queer and trans people in the Nile Valley area (Egypt and Sudan)

Mesahat for Sexual & Gender Diversity

Creates safe spaces, supports activists, and advocates against violence and discrimination for sexual and gender minorities in the Nile Valley area. 


Calem Institute

CALEM is regularly consulted by governments and foundations, in Europe or around the world, mainly on sociological and geopolitical issues, concerning especially the status of refugees, women rights, and inclusive trainings of progressive imams (Muslim leaders). 



GLADT is an organization of Black, Indigenous and racialized LGBTQ+ individuals involved on different levels against racism, sexism, trans*- and homophobia, ableism, and other forms of discrimination.

Liberal-Islamischer Bund

The Liberation Islamic Foundation offers a forum for all citizens who want to engage with Islamic, inter-religious and societal questions.


The Queer Muslim Project

The Queer Muslim Project is a digital advocacy platform focused on creating visibility and awareness of LGBTQ+ Muslim issues in India and South Asia.




Increasing visibility and awareness amongst and about the local LGBTQ+ community through sharing information, news, and personal stories in Arabic, Kurdish, and English. Also provides training and workshops related to human rights for LGBTQ+ individuals, for activists and other allies. 


LGBT Jordan

Jordanian Twitter platform that focuses on body, gender and sexual diversity in Jordan and highlights online content on queer-related topics in the Arabic language.




A non-governmental organization working towards justice and equality for all LGBTIQ+ people in Lebanon and the South West Asian/North African (SWANA) region.



Musawah (meaning 'equality' in Arabic) is a global movement for equality and justice in the Muslim family.


Sisters in Islam

A non-governmental organization working towards advancing the rights of Muslim women in Malaysia. They promote the principles of gender equality, justice, freedom and dignity in Islam and empower women to be advocates for change.



Queer and Trans Muslim organization that provides support, human rights advocacy, and organizes conferences.

Secret Garden Foundation

Secret Garden is a Foundation of and for LGBTQ people and allies based in Amsterdam. Individuals with a Muslim background comprise a large part of our target group.


Khawaja Sira Society (Lahore)

A registered non-governmental and Transgender/Hijra community-based organization working in the field of HIV/AIDS and health related issues of Transgender (TGs)/Hijra since 2012. Contact


Dareecha (Rawalpindi/Islamabad)

An organization solely working towards the health conditions, health restoration, and social welfare of the Transgender and MSM communities of Rawalpindi.


Dostana Male Society (Lahore)

Strives for the advancement of the social and health rights of males who have sex with males and other marginalized groups by strengthening community systems and developing community led interventions with focus on addressing and stigma.

Parwaz Male Society (Karachi)

A community based organization with the mission to improve the sexual health, welfare and human rights for men who have sex with men (MSM) and their partners in Karachi, Pakistan. 


Equal Opportunities

Funded by amfAR, Equal Copportunities protects the rights and health of gay men, other men who have sex with men, and trans individuals (collectively GMT).


LGBT Voice

A registered national LGBT organization working to advance equality, diversity, education, and justice for queer and trans people in Tanzania.


Association Shams

Stands against homophobia while also fostering respectful debate on homosexuality in society.


Kaos GL

One of the oldest and largest LGBT rights organisations in Turkey.

United Kingdom

The Association of British Muslims

An organization that has worked with Muslims across the UK to develop the British Muslim community, encourage dialogue, promote education and bring about community cohesion.


Imaan UK

Since 1999, has provided peer support for LGBT Muslims to support the reconciliation of faith with sexuality and/or gender identity.


Inclusive Mosque Initiative

An inclusive space of worship. IMI values gender expression and gender justice as an integral manifestation of Islamic practice and facilitates inter-community and inter-faith dialogue and collaborates with others who are seeking change for social and economic welfare and justice.


Haven: The Inclusive Muslim Union of Philadelphia

An accessible and inclusive space for Muslims to connect socially, spiritually, and culturally.

Islamic Healing Space of A2 & Ypsi (Michigan)

Islamic Healing Space of A2 & Ypsi was created with the vision of providing an affirming space for Muslims of all proximities and connections to Islam, and center the most marginalized Muslims.

Masgid Al-Rabia (Chicago)

Masjid al-Rabia is a mosque & Islamic community center in Chicago that centers spiritual care for marginalized Muslims. Through Education, Advocacy, and Outreach, we empower leadership from within our communities and strive to foster an Islam that leaves no one behind.

Muslim Alliance for Sexual & Gender Diversity

MASGD works to support, empower and connect LGBTQ Muslims and seeks to challenge root causes of oppression, including misogyny and xenophobia. 


Muslims for Progressive Values

A progressive Muslim voice and organization advocating for human rights, social justice, and inclusion in the United States and around the world.

Noor: LGBTIA+ Muslims of Seattle

An all-inclusive LGBTQI (and Questioning) confidential meeting space for BIPOC only, in the greater Seattle area that have ever identified as Muslim.

Queer Crescent (Bay Area)

LGBTQI+ Muslims building community and culture through healing and organizing 

Queer Muslims of Boston

QMOB builds an inclusive community for LGBTIA, Queer, or Questioning Muslims/ Muslim background persons in the Greater Boston area.

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