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Settlement services are agencies and programs that are designed for newcomers to Canada. These services are intended to help people settle and adjust to their new home. Many newly arrived LGBTQ Muslims experience challenges such as building a new community, finding affirming spaces. In addition, uncertainty about when it’s safe to share personal information and the experience of being a racial minority for the first time can also be uniquely challenging. While most newcomers are happy to be in Canada, they may also struggle with the loss of their community, customs, and culture back home.


In general, settlement services are not LGBTQ-specific but are LGBTQ-friendly. These services can provide:

  • Interpretation and translation support (e.g. for appointments, documents, referral letters)

  • Support to fill out application forms (e.g. housing, social assistance, employment)

  • English language classes

  • Access to job postings, work-related training, and bridging programs for internationally trained people

  • Information about other community services, schools and health care


Each province has at least one settlement agencies. See the list below as a starting point.

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